Hong Kong,

TransUnion Relaunches Online Credit Report Service in Hong Kong to All Consumers

TransUnion today announced that its online credit report platform in Hong Kong is open to all consumers who are interested in accessing their Credit Report, Score & Alerts service online, following a phased relaunch to previous subscribers that began in April.

Hong Kong CEO of TransUnion, Marie Claire Lim Moore said: “Credit history is an important part of everyone’s financial health, and it’s important to review your credit report regularly. Lenders and other businesses rely on credit information to help make decisions that support consumers, businesses and the broader economy. Therefore, we are excited to be relaunching our platform to all consumers in Hong Kong.”

The new system features a strong and multi-layered authentication solution and a number of enhancements aimed at protecting consumers’ data and information from fraud. It has been reviewed by an independent third party and benchmarked against global standards related to security and fraud prevention.

Data security is a top operational priority at TransUnion, and the company continuously reviews ways to strengthen its controls to combat increasingly sophisticated activities by criminals, while allowing consumers access to their own financial information.

TransUnion has been serving people and financial institutions in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, providing important financial information that benefits consumers, businesses, and the economy. The company plays a crucial role in Hong Kong’s financial system by helping consumers to understand and manage their financial health while also providing banks the data and information they need to offer credit and other financial services products to consumers.