Hong Kong,

TransUnion Hong Kong Announces 40th Anniversary Limited-Time Offer to Consumers Celebrating the Same Milestone


One-Month free online credit report subscription and discounts are offered from today until 21st December 2021 to consumers born in 1981 or with an ID card number that contains the number 40


TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) today announces a limited-time 40th anniversary offer on access to online credit reports to consumers celebrating the same milestone or with an identity card number which contains the number ‘40’. As part of the celebration for its four decades of supporting Hong Kong businesses and consumers, TransUnion hopes this initiative will help to increase financial awareness and support more informed financial decisions amongst the increasingly credit active Millennial generation (those born 1981-1996).

With TransUnion’s ongoing Consumer Pulse Study showing more Hong Kong consumers are preparing to increase their retail spending—31% in total, a six percentage point increase in the last quarter—it’s important to consider how to finance these purchases and get the most suitable credit deal available if needed. By accessing their credit report, Hong Kong consumers can check their financial status and get a better understanding of the information banks and lenders are using to inform their underwriting decisions.

From today until 21st December 2021, Hong Kong consumers who were born in 1981 are entitled to a one-month free online credit report subscription, and those who have an identity card number that contains a ‘40’ are entitled to a 40% subscription discount. Eligible consumers can apply for the anniversary offer on TransUnion’s website.


A good credit score can help you unlock financial opportunities

TransUnion’s Consumer Pulse Study has shown that half (50%) of consumers believe it is very important or extremely important to access credit to achieve their financial goals. TransUnion’s credit report plays an important role in helping consumers to access the financial support they need. The credit report is a summary of a consumer’s credit history which financial institutions review as part of their wider underwriting process to decide if they will lend money, and to determine how much interest they will charge on the loan. Credit reports are also often used during job applications and promotions by employers in certain sectors such as financial services, pharmaceutical, and IT services.

“Since we established in Hong Kong in 1981 as its first credit reference agency, TransUnion is proud to have played a critical role in enabling trust between financial institutions and consumers,” said Irene Foo, Director of Consumer Interactive for TransUnion Hong Kong. “Supporting the needs of consumers as well as celebrating our 40th anniversary, we are delighted to offer the benefits of accessing your credit report to even more people to assist them in reaching their financial and life goals. We are committed to financial education and inclusion for all in Hong Kong, and the benefits this brings to individuals, businesses, and the economy as a whole.”